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One of our top sellers, a superb product, the most inclusive programme for music in the class room we gladly recommend, is Music Room. It entails a series of seven levels for primary schools, and goes beyond CAPS requirements. Included are complete lesson plans, posters, necessary recordings and notation of all the songs, DVD-recordings, and assessment lists. The series is activity-based and fun filled. Singing, movement, instrumental playing, development of reading and creating, games, performance for the end of the year, are only a few aspects that form part of the programme. Many styles of music are represented and learners enjoy every moment of music in the classroom. It is easy to implement, even for the non-musician teacher. Afrikaans translation of lesson plans are available on request.

For CAPS grades 8 and 9, the material of Antoinette Hoek will make your life easy. For CAPS grades 10 to 12, Allmusic supplies the books of Feenstra, Hoek and Alkema. Supplementary material can be found in various text books we have available, be it on harmony, style, history, improvisation, theory, or composition. Newly added is the Paul Terry’s Step up to GCSE Music.

Limited examples of books on conducting skills, choral warm ups, African Music, and Music Therapy are available, and if not, can be ordered. We go the extra mile to supply you with whatever you require.

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